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Whether it's for slicing, mixing, stirring, chopping, extracting juice, decorating and shaping... Kronen has what you need. From vegetable slicers, cutters, stick blenders and classic moulds to fully equipped preparation kitchens with salad bar for  supermarkets.

  • Vegetable Slicers

    Kronen vegetable slicers stand out through their excellent hygiene and simple cleaning. Powerful, with a large opening for easy filling, as well as a user-friendly design signify the high quality. The stainless steel blades always ensure a clean cut and products that stay fresh longer.

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  • Cutter

    Quality, power and reliability are guaranteed with the thick-walled, stainless steel Kronen Cutter. The strong lid, made out of polycarbonate, has a sophisticated safety mechanism and a feed cylinder for adding liquids. The display or the ergonomic pusher make handling easy. The hardened steel blades and the powerful motor decrease a possible warming of products. Easy disassembly for cleaning ensures perfect hygiene.

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  • Combi-Units

    … are powerful machines that can be converted from a vegetable slicer to a cutter in a few seconds. The easy to change accessories allow you to create an extensive menu. Over seventy different cutting variations for a stylish and imaginative presentation of salads, trimmings and many other combinations are possible with this all-rounder. With the use as a cutter, you can easily prepare meat fillings, elaborate creations like mousse, stuffings, custards, pies, etc..

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  • Juicers

    High yield, easy cleaning and suitable for set-up in every location distinguishes the juicers by Kronen. The best-known models are, without a doubt, the automatic citrus juicers – pure juice from up to forty oranges per minute. Ideally suited for the small Café as well as for highly frequented locations. Powerful juice centrifuges and hand juicers complete the large Kronen juice assortment.


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  • Blender & Sticks

    Emulsify, mix and whip like never before! The powerful suction effect and fine grinding guarantee a perfect result. Easy handling and the revolutionary interaction of the drive shaft and the rotor distinctly show the Kronen quality. Blenders, available in different models complete this area of the product palette.

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  • Planetary Mixers

    A load of power for your doughs and masses, whether it's for the kitchen or the bakery. Robust, sturdy and powerful mixing machines that can handle the following functions: kneading of all types of dough, mixing of thick liquids, emulsions and various sauces. The bowl has a removable, ergonomic protective lid. User-friendly, motorized lowering and lifting of the bowl, and variable speed settings make it convenient to use.

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  • Ice Cream Machines

    If you'd like to offer your customers homemade ice cream, delicate sorbet and Granité, then you've made the right choice with Kronen Ice cream and Sorbet machines. Separately controlled cool- and stir device, timer and gratiné process control guarantee delicious results. The function „temperature conservation“ keeps the product at the ideal temperature = always ready to serve

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  • Pasta Machines

    Go along with the trend with the production of homemade pasta specialties. Regardless of whether it's a motorized model with a fixed or variable speed, or a manual model with a crank handle – you can reduce your preparation time with these helpers, and you always get uniform results, which create a high-quality pasta. With different cutting rollers for spaghetti, tagliatelle, and fettuccine, you can produce your pasta in a professional way.

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  • Vegetable washing- and spinning machines

    Achieve the best salad compositions. Wash and dry your lettuce, spinach, onion, parsley, cabbage, broccoli, artichokes, etc. in minimum time, while maintaining the full flavor and quality, without impairing the consistency. Kronen vegetable washing- and spinning machines are especially designed for efficient and safe cleaning of fresh vegetables and leaf salads, and are completely hygienic and easy to clean.

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  • Peeling Machines

    Kronen peeling machines are not only suited for peeling potatoes, but also for peeling any kind of vegetable, firm or soft, or for cleaning shellfish for example. The peeling machines are available with abrasive as well as cutting discs. There are different sizes, with which you can achieve a maximum amount of vegetables from 80kg/hr up to 400kg/hr. Easy and safe handling and a high hygienic standard are the advantages of Kronen peeling machines.

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  • Hand- & Convenience Machines

    For the convenience kitchen Kronen offers an extensive program. You can peel and portion pinapple, crack coconuts, slice melons or apples for your fruit salad. Explore the endless possibilities that Kronen offers in this sector.

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  • Salad Bars

    Present your salads in the right perpective. Kronen salad bars are individually designed for your personal requirements, and are available in all sizes and layout variations. On the page Salad Bars, you can send your query for the desired salad bar.


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  • Moulds and Sieves

    Bring your products into shape or strain them throroughly. In this domain you will find all sorts of helpers for cakes, tarts, pies, etc. Suprise your guests with creatively moulded appetizer- and dessert variations.

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