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The Kronen Company

...as a manufacturer and supplier of kitchen machines, we are at home in the gastronomy and hotel business.. From year to year however, our products became more and more interesting for other branches. Today we offer products for small snack bars, chain restaurants, juice- and salad shops, bakeries and pastry shops, up to large-scale consumers in catering establishments and canteen kitchens.

And yet we've always been loyal to our core competence und never left the path of creating top quality products.

In the 1990s a mutual concept for „Convenience Systems“ was developed together with one of the largest food retailers. Since then Kronen offers top quality machines for food preparation, as well as overall solutions for the in-house production of fruit-, vegetable-, and juice convenience for the LEH, directly inside the market - fresh and visible for the customer. In the meantime, we are the leading manufacturer in this domain and the Kronen "Cockpit Stations" and salad bars can be found in supermarkets around the world. 

We offer all you need regarding food preparation and fresh convenience foods

The brand Kronen

 Successful in the market since 30 years: „Brand and quality, not price, makes the decision“;.

  30 years continuity

      30 years in the same market segment

     30 years of constant innovation

      30 years of continuous growth

 30 years of constant innovation

 No „product-hopping“ (cleaning brush, pizza oven etc.)

 No super bargains that harm the market

  Our own, in-house production with the newest machine technology

  Top-quality consumer goods to complete the product pallet

  Sales and service – nationwide in Germany

 International Service and Trade Partner

 Warrented supply of spare parts for all products