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In the 1970s Kronen advanced from selling small machines to become a renowned supplier for large-scale catering kichens and  supermarket  chains. More than 1.500 Convenience Kitchens speak for themselves. 

  • ...it all began here

    ...still without the typical Kronen logo

  • The Nouvelle Cuisine began.

    In our old Peugeot bus, we visited aspiring chefs.
    Kronen was the first with moulds, ice-sculptures, vertical cutters, sorbet machines, etc.

  • A new idea conquered the market

    Kronen was the first company to develop machines and facilities for the production of fresh salads in bags.

  • The road to becoming a specialist

    Kronen begins with their own construction of blades and grating discs


  • ...the breakthrough

    Kronen advances to the leading kitchen supplier in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

  • A partner of chefs

    Kronen becomes the partner of chefs and the sponsor of the chefs olymipics, represented in all kitchens of the country

  • … another new innovation

    Kronen is the first company to deliver a complete system for the preparation of convenience food directly in the supermarket.



    Kronen plans, installs and provides trainings

    More than 320 convenience kitchens around the world have already been equipped by Kronen. Continuous operational trainings of the customers in convenience, distinguishes the company.

  • Kronen begins their own production

    Many years of experience and perception of customer requirements is successfully implemented in Kronen's production of vegetable slicers.