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consists of experienced personell, who understand the concerns of our customers: For every query, you can find the correct contact person.

Sales Management Germany

Markus Junker+49(0)7854-9660-19send email

Sales offices / Switchboard

Antje Jatz+49(0) 7854-9660-11send email

Service / Spare parts orders

Anke Heinecke +49(0)7854-9660-26send email


Oliver Schlenker+49(0)7854-9660-12send email

Sales Germany

PLZ 36, 50-56, 60-79
Daniel End+49(0)151-12185332send email
PLZ 17-19, 20-31, 38
Oliver Skokann +49(0)171-4744624send email
PLZ 80-97
Thomas Seifert+49(0)171-6912339 send email
PLZ 32-35, 37, 40-49, 57-59
Norbert Hense+49(0)172-7589537send email
PLZ 00-16, 39, 98-99
Stefan Fleischer+49(0)171-7744082  send email

Export Management

Frank Förster+49(0)7854-9660-14send email

Sales/Planning LEH

Barbara Dewes

+49(0)7854-9660-21send email

Export / International Sales

Maike Blaszkiewiez+49(0)7854-9660-23send email
Isabelle-Joelle Leman+49(0)7854-9660-15send email

Managing Director

Frank Förster+49(0)7854-9660-14send email