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The Kronen Salad Bar

Fresh salads, vegetables, fruits and antipasti in self-service... Kronen delivers the complete layout

The Kronen Salad Bar

Is generally made to order. We adapt the size, layout and visual appearance to the proportions in your market. This ensures that you receive the perfect combination of functionality and design which you require.

Standard items from a catalogue are OK, but with us you get the furniture exactly the way you want it. Get your information material here.

Ein Blickfang in Ihrer O&G Abteilung

Whether it's in the center of the room, set against the wall, or as an island with an integrated preparation area, the visual freshness always attracts your customers. The customized solutions made by Kronen have already paid off in many locations, and are highly valued. This concept is also very successful in smaller markets.

High-quality and durable construction

Cooling tub and corpus are made completely out of stainless steel. The base cabinet is available in three different designs. Also with integrated storage cabinets if desired. The countertop is available in either stainless steel, formica or granite. For the surface you can choose between stainless steel or a suitable wood decor.


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We plan your salad bar precisely according to your specifications!


Planning of your personell saladbar
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