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Stand out from the standard assortment at discount stores through an additional + in service. Visual freshness through in-house production shows your competence in the market and promotes the communication with the customer.

In-house production of convenience foods

such as pinapple, melons and salads,etc. is in big demand by the customers, and the focus is not on the price, so that these products can be calculated according to their added value. <br /An increase in the range of 300 -400% is feasible.
You too can profit from this!

Are you sure that

the customer won't go to the discount store any more because of a few more products on the racks?
Service, fresh products and customer support are necessary. The fresh, visible, O&G Convenience prepared directly in the market come with it.

What's wrong with commercial goods?

1. Much higher margins with self-made products!

2. The top quality of your convenience – without any additives.

3. Flexibility: you can incorporate your customer's wishes, and are not dependent on the standard delivery program of your supplier. And you have the possiblilty to design your packaging and product presentation accordingly.

4. Larger variety i.e. through the daily fresh production of exotic or seasonal fruits like mango, coconut, papaya, strawberries, melons...