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Visible freshness and service for your customers. Get away from price comparisons through individuality. Kronen Cockpit stations create the basis for a rational and hygienic production. We offer you integrated concepts for the in-house production and presentation of salad-, vegetable- and fruit convenience, as well as fresh juices, antipasti, sandwiches, pizzas, home-made cream cheeses and more

For over 30 years

we've been developing machines and master plans for the preparation of salad, vegetables and fruits. As a co-founder of the concept of fresh O&G convenience preparation in supermarkets, and as a manufacturer of machines for food preparation, we have the technology and the necessary know-how to show you how you can produce hygienically and profitably... Directly in front of the customer

With Kronen you're on the safe side,

because we plan the visual appearance, the execution, and the facilities individually for your market, available space, and customer structure.

We exclusively use stainless steel for workbenches and furniture - no wood or plastic. All our machines, cockpits, and salad bars are built according to the current DIN and HACCP specifications

The „Freshness Island“

is used in large department stores, as well as in small city markets, visible for all customers, for the preparation of convenience foods and assembly of salad bars. Bestsellers, along with fruit and salads, are fresh-squeezed orange juice, mixed juices, smoothies, as well as antipasti and homemade cream cheese with herbs. Size, configuration and visual appearance are adapted to your individual furnishings and customer structure.

In the side rooms

of big German chain supermarkets, about 100 cockpit stations per year are mounted and equipped with the necessary machines. An increasing amount of cooking stations v.A. for the production of gourmet salads are also integrated. The main goal is a hygienic, rational production and a sensible organisation of work sequences.

Standards are great, but every site is different

In order to ensure a flawless installation, we personally take the measurements of the accomodations and discuss the execution and layout with the customer. Kronen Cockpit stations are always delivered ready to plug in. On-site installation services, which normally create additional costs, are included. Electricity is provided with sockets, control box and FI switch. Boiler, drain, and water-inlet pipes are completely prepared.

All-round carefree package

After the installation is completed, we're still there for you. We provide you with recipes, and teach your employees tips and tricks which will enable them to work hygienically, rationally and economically. If you wish, we can also support you at your opening ceremony.