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8 Liter Pot
Variable Speed
1,400 - 3,000 U/Min
Including standard micro-toothed knife and Scraper

Additional Information:

Article Number:


Model Name:

KC 8V Cutter Plus+


Width: 350mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 673mm


Power: 4 kW
Voltage: 400V

KC 8V Nako Cutter

8 Liter Bowl
Variable speed 1,400 - 3,000 Rpm

Including standard micro-toothed knife and Scraper

  • Made Entirely out of Thick-Walled High-Quality Stainless Steel

  • No Aluminum or Plastic

  • Dishwasher Proof

  • Disassembled in Seconds for Fast and Easy Cleaning

  • Two Speed Levels with Pulse Function

  • See Through 2 cm Thick Polycarbonate Lid

  • Industrial Motor with Efficient Air Cooling for quiet Operation and a Long Life Cycle

  • Integrated Bowl-Scraper

  • Stainless Steel Cutting Tools

  • Cut Herbs, Chop Almonds, Mince Meat, Mix and Emulsify Soups and Sauces

  • Table Top Model

  • Highest Standard Magnetic Safety Features - the Machine stops as soon as the lid is removed

  • Designed and Made in Germany

Accessoires und Zubehör
KRONEN | Made in Germany





KC 8V Nako Cutter
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