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Product specific features:

9 automatic washing programs selectable at the touch of a button (7-12 min.)

Program can be adjusted manually

Separately adjustable water pressure.

Capacity: approx. 3kg light salads or 12kg heavy vegetables

Additional Information:

Article Number:


Model Name:

Salad Washing Machine KW-81A


Width: 720 mm
Depth: 715 mm
Height: 910 mm


Power: 1,45 kW
Voltage: 230V

Salad Washing Machine KW-81AF

Product specific features:

Vegetable and salad washer 3/12kg, with 9 washing programs
with water reclaim and
Disinfectant dispenser
230V - 50Hz WxDxH (mm)
995x715x890 optionally with
mesh insert

Main Use:

For washing and drying lettuce, vegetables and fruit.

Kronen salad washing machine in unique quality:

  • High quality, reliable and durable.

  • With integrated slingshot.

Excellent hygiene and easy cleaning:

  • Made entirely of thick-walled stainless steel.

  • Inner part completely accessible, easy to clean, all corners rounded.

  • Connection for the hand shower supplied for cleaning.

  • Easily removable basket.

Perfectly clean salads:

  • Side filter for floating parts and lower filter for sinking debris.

  • Effective spinning with mechanical drive for nice and dry salads = longer shelf life and better taste.

Accessoires und Zubehör
Salad Washing Machine KW-81

Net for fine cut products
Salad Washing Machine KW-81

Basket for KW-81
KRONEN | Made in Germany





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Salad Washing Machine KW-81A
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